SaniGrip: A sanitary solution to shopping cart germs

Touching shopping carts is a thing of the past.

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SaniGrip is a collapsible, expandable, and portable grocery cart solution. 

With an accordion-shaped design, SaniGrip expands to fit your shopping cart handle and collapses when you’re done. Use the drawstring carrying sleeve for added protection and portability for when you enter the store, and when you put SaniGrip back into your car, purse, or bookbag! 



Keep your hands and your children's hands, germ-free

SaniGrip is made of silicone material and coated in an antimicrobial formula. This helps prevent bacteria and other microorganisms from latching to the surface. Not only will they be unable to latch, but the formula will help prevent the growth and spread of microorganisms.


Patent-approved accordion shape

SaniGrip has a patent-approved accordion-shaped design to allow for seamless portability. 

SaniGrip has a slit that runs lengthwise, providing 360° coverage, for easy placement on the cart handle. When you’re ready to use SaniGrip, gently place it over the cart handle, stretch it out up to 17”, and you’re good to go! Don’t worry, SaniGrip will collapse as soon as you remove it from the cart.

Portable and convenient

Taking SaniGrip with you is simple and sanitary. Slip your SaniGrip into the drawstring carrying sleeve so it can avoid touching germs and microorganisms during transport. The sleeve makes SaniGrip a high-quality, portable, sanitary solution. 


When you’re done using your SaniGrip, simply toss it in the dishwasher for easy disinfecting and cleaning.